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Advanced Quality Planning

die cast planning and job costing

Die Cast Job Costing

North American die casters have a unique challenge due to the cost of a die, which can reach seven digits. Aluminum Die Casters must have the ability to recoup the cost of the aluminum casting die and make a profit on the job. A job cost module allows users to:

  • Prorate the cost of a die for aluminum cast parts based on a pre-determined number of shots.
  • Perform a cost study instantly using B&L Information software.
  • Auto alert key personnel when an aluminum casting's estimated weight varies from the actual shot weight.

Die Management

A good Die Management program is critical successfully producing die cast aluminum parts and cast aluminum componenets. All aspects of a die's life from quoting, production, scheduling, quality control and maintenance must be tracked. After how many shots should a die be reviewed to ensure conformance? How easy is it to alert the tool shop of a die that has reached its review limit? B&L’s Die Management module eliminates this by:

  • Auto alerting Die Maintenance personnel when a die reaches it's shotlimit.
  • Placing a Stop Code on a die to prevent manufacturing activity for that die.
  • Auto calculate die replacement/amortization costs.

Die Cast ERP Software

Information and execution is critical to aluminum die casting success. The right information, when combined with inefficient execution, results in a time-consuming and costly decision for aluminum casting. ERP software features provide both the information you need and the required execution methods. ERP software features include:

  • Die cast product master includes key information including weights, number on a die, and metal type.
  • Integrated metal market pricing for aluminum alloys.
  • The capabilities of amortizing cost of die with the Die amortization/replacement feature.


die cast erp software


We also adhere to many other product-specific standards:

  • MIL standards
  • ANSI standards
  • GOV standards
  • ISO standards
  • ASME standards
  • NIST standards
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