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Die Cast Design from Rangers Die Casting Engineering

die casting design and engineering support team

Effective die casting design is a key to capitalizing on the many benefits provided by aluminum die castings. Our engineers work with you from the start to ensure that we deploy the correct tooling, die casting geometry and aluminum alloys to create a quality part.

Rangers aluminum casting company has partnered with an offshore tool shop to offer you the most effective domestic or overseas die cast tooling for cast aluminum parts. We use the latest CAD/CAM software to create 3D designs that help you envision the final die cast aluminum part or cast aluminum component. Our die casting simulation software maximizes gating and aluminum alloy flow for consistent wall thickness and solidification.

Our capabilities include creating models to verify that the design will meet your product specifications for precision-engineered aluminum die castings.

Die Casting ERP Software

Information and execution is critical to aluminum die casting success. Our ERP software provides both the information you need and the required execution methods. ERP software features include:

  • Tracking weights, number on a die, and metal type
  • Integrated metal market pricing for aluminum alloys
  • Amortizing die costs
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