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History of Rangers Die Casting Company in California

Founded in 1946 by three die makers with a passion for quality tooling and that tradition continues today. Rangers Die Casting initially was involved in the production of several different toys. The first was the die for a rubber toy reproduction of the Army Ranger knife, which was the basis for our company name. We also produced cast metal jacks and a replica of the Offenhauser Midget race car that remains today as the Rangers Die Casting logo.

California die casting company

After several years, the toy business began to fade and we repositioned ourselves as a full-service aluminum die caster serving the growing automotive and aerospace markets in Southern California. Over the next six decades, Rangers Die Casting continued to modernize, invest in new equipment and develop services to meet the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the West Coast. We provide these companies with a wide range of aluminum die cast parts, aluminum die castings, aluminum alloy castings and metal castings. In addition, Rangers Die Casting offers complete turnkey service including aluminum die cast product design assistance, die cast design, precision aluminum alloy die casting, machining, finishing and assembly of cast aluminum components.



  • 1946 Rangers Die Casting Company established
  • 1951 Moved from original location to present location in Lynwood, CA
  • 1972 Acquired additional property doubling manufacturing operation area
  • 1981 Expanded manufacturing operation to 55,000 square feet
  • 1982 Installed centralized melting area and monorail delivery system
  • 1983-1988 All die casting machines upgraded with state-of-the-art shot controls.
  • 1988 Shot monitoring systems in place
  • 1991 Installed B&L Information Systems advanced software written specifically for die casting & foundry operations - fully integrated order processing, costing and accounting package.
  • 1994 Installed real-time x-ray equipment for use to assure porosity free castings.
  • 2000 Acquired Compu Die Casting & merged into existing operation
  • 2004 ISO 9001 certification earned
  • 2008 Acquired Universal Die Casting & merged into existing operation
  • 2009 Upgraded technology for Real-Time X-ray
  • 2010 Upgrade DCM with variable speed motor for increased energy efficiency.
    Re-certified to ISO 9001-2008


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