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Rangers Results – Winter 2016

Rangers Die Casting will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2016. While it’s always risky to predict what the year ahead will hold, we’re excited about the prospects for our company and the die casting industry in general. There are several reasons for our enthusiasm. The overall economy has stabilized to a great degree, the die casting industry is developing dramatic innovations that will expand the market for die cast products, and Rangers is continuing to make the investments in people and technology that will enable us to maintain our position as one of the premier die casters in the western United States.

Rangers Results – Fall 2015

Quality Starts Before the First Shot   (Download this post in PDF) Creating precision aluminum die castings requires an integrated, proactive approach to quality assurance. Rangers Die Casting combines nearly seven decades of industry knowledge with the latest technology to make sure our castings meet our customers’ expectations for quality.   The quality process begins during the design phase and continues throughout… (read more)