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1For nearly seven decades, companies like yours have relied on Rangers Die Casting as their go-to source for high quality, high precision die cast components. Our customers stay with us for many reasons, but the reasons all add up to the simple fact that we deliver a positive customer experience from the time you place your order to the time we deliver your castings.


We’ve learned a thing or two over the decades about building and maintaining that positive customer relationship. Here are just a few thoughts on how we focus on serving you better.


Marketing is about the experience, not the message.

We believe you buy from Rangers because we offer value above and beyond price and product.We strive to deliver on promotion not by the words we say here or on our website, but in the actions we take on your behalf. That’s what promotion at Rangers is all about. As for the fourth P of marketing, it’s Place and as far as you’re concerned, we think only of your place where we deliver quality castings on time.


At some point, you have to tell your story so there is a time and place for promotion. But if your company sits on a few long-established customers and only “does marketing” on those rare occasions when the need for additional business arises, chances are you leave tons of money on the table as your competitors beat you to potential new customers through ongoing, aggressive marketing and promotion tactics.


Selling isn’t just about moving product.

2We live in a regulated environment that covers transportation, labor, the environment and the list goes on. Rangers is serious about corporate citizenship, especially as it concerns the environment.We strive to maintain a safe workplace while delivering on our promise to do all we can for our planet.


Besides delivering superb results, your customers expect you to manufacture responsibly and treat your employees well. Pay attention to the way you are perceived in the marketplace. For example, your reputation and your business will suffer if employees, customers or others lambaste you on social media.


People buy who you are, not what you sell.

We’ve learned the way to build Rangers is to build our reputation as a quality, progressive business. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Our job is to build a relationship with each of our customers that builds their confidence in doing business with us. And, we focus on delivering value to those customers who understand and appreciate suppliers who deliver more than price and product.


What you sell is important, too, but more than likely, your customer has choices when buying the kinds of products you produce. Your product is only one way to distinguish your company in the marketplace. The reality is people choose you more because of who you are rather than what you sell. Your company delivers an experience to your customers that either is pleasant or unpleasant to them. Given a choice, why would anyone choose an unpleasant experience? So be sure your customers experience the best your company has to offer.


Purchasing has now moved online.

Anything that can be sold online is sold online. People meet with sales representatives only when the purchase is too complex to be covered by an e-commerce website. That means your reps need to be highly proficient industrial sales engineers who can solve customer problems and speak the language of the customer’s purchasing agents and plant engineers.


Up Close & Personal: Robert Rogers


Our “Mr. Rogers” Offers His Personal, Business Insights

mr-rodgersRobert began his Rangers Die Casting career on April 28, 1980 as an inspector. He has held every position in the inspection, casting and machining departments before being promoted to general manager. Robert spearheaded the Rangers’ team to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and has been the company’s lead auditor since 2004. We recently asked Robert to answer the following questions that are all keys to his successful and pleasurable career at Rangers:



Q: How do you define success?
A: Plan to establish personal and business goals and achieve them.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who’s just entering manufacturing?
A: Be curious, ask thought-provoking questions and get close to your customers so you can learn and understand their business.

Q: Can you name one feature that stands out in Rangers’ company culture?
A: The real value and importance of customer satisfaction is critical.

Q: What is the best advice you ever received?
A: Be humble; never forget where you came from.


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