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Answering the Right Questions for Good Die Design

Well-designed tooling is the foundation for creating a successful aluminum die cast component. Our engineers work with you from the start to ensure that the correct tooling is used to create a quality part.


We use the latest CAD/CAM software to create 3D designs that help you envision the final die cast aluminum part or cast aluminum component. Our die casting simulation software maximizes gating and aluminum alloy flow for consistent wall thickness and solidification.


But before we use these advanced systems, our engineers start with basic questions that will impact the die design. These include:


Is the wall thickness sufficient?
Are ribs needed?
Is the parting line acceptable?
Is there enough radius?
Will the ejection pin location affect surface cosmetics?
Is extra material needed for final machining?


Once we have these and other answers, we are able to create models to verify that the aluminum die casting design will meet your product specifications.


Creating the right tool is critical to successfully producing die cast aluminum, but so is using the die effectively during production. To assist us with this vital task, Rangers uses a computerized die management module. The software tracks all aspects of a die's life from quoting, production and scheduling, to quality control and maintenance. Key production aspects of the die management module include:


Auto alerting die maintenance personnel when a die reaches its shot limit.
Placing a stop code on a die to prevent manufacturing activity for that die.
Auto calculating die replacement/amortization costs.


Using a combination of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology, we can help you develop the best dies for complex aluminum die cast components.



Rangers Participates at Design2Part Show

We participated at the recent Design2Part Show held in the Los Angeles area and had the opportunity to meet and greet many customers and qualified prospects. Rangers takes great pride in exhibiting at such regional events and having the opportunity to have numerous one-on-one meetings with those who are seeking our expertise with their product design challenges and discovering the numerous benefits associated with the die casting process.


Our thanks to the North American Die Casting Association for all its support and guidance in working with us on industry issues. We're very proud to be a NADCA corporate member.



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