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Rangers launches all-out new Green Initiatives program
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Increasing Number of Regulations Could Reduce Manufacturing Output

Federal regulations affecting the manufacturing sector have increased by 60 percent since 2009, with the potential to reduce manufacturing output by as much as $500 billion in 2012 according to a recent industry study.


Macroeconomic Impacts of Federal Regulation of the Manufacturing Sector, conducted by NERA Economic Consulting, focused on five types of regulations. Those that have the most significant impact on the manufacturing sector are financial, labor, energy, environmental and transportation mandates.


According to the report, an average of 72 major regulations per year have been promulgated since 2009, compared to an average of 45 per year between 2001 to 2008, and 36 between 1993 to 2000. The report noted that environmental regulations, such as those to reduce cross-state air pollution, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, have the greatest impact on manufacturers.


Rangers is committed to environmental responsibility. We understand the need for certain regulations to help protect society. However, we also advocate a cooperative, common sense regulatory environment that takes into account the financial impact of these mandates.


For years Rangers has cooperated with Southern California Edison Co. and voluntarily agreed to curtail manufacturing during peek usage hours to lessen the chance of "Brownouts or Blackouts". With proper scheduling and employee participation we have maintained a 99 percent on time delivery target for cast aluminum parts during this period.


Rangers Die Casting also has installed electric resistance holding furnaces, which have cut its metal oxidation losses and aluminum alloy scrap rates in half, resulting in lowered operating aluminum die casting costs and while creating a quieter, more comfortable work environment for its employees.



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